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What type of anesthesia is used for postoperative pain? If a quadriceps tendon graft is used, there may be significant posterior pain that is amenable to sciatic nerve block. For patient pain control in arthroscopy/meniscectomy, intraarticular local anesthetic and morphine are used routinely.
How does chronic pain affect a person? When a person is suffering with chronic pain, it can affect every aspect of his or her life. The constant suffering can affect a person's mentality in a number of different ways. It can influence thoughts, feelings, sleep patterns, memory, concentration, and even connections with others.
Is Tramadol stronger than codeine? They can both be used to treat moderate pain, although tramadol is more potent than codeine. Despite the fact that tramadol is more potent than codeine, both codeine and tramadol are considered less potent than opiates in general.
How long does a fibromyalgia flare last? A fibromyalgia flare is a temporary increase in the number and/or intensity of symptoms. Some flares only last for a day or two but others may continue for several weeks or even months.
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